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THE RIVER THAT FLOWS BESIDE ME By Charlotte Guillain (Hardcover)

THE RIVER THAT FLOWS BESIDE ME By Charlotte Guillain (Hardcover)

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*2023 Good Housekeeping Best Kids Book Award Winner*
*2023 Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year: Ecology*

'A charming and pleasant trip downriver that should remind anyone, wherever they are, that rivers are vital ecosystems that we ignore at our peril.' – The Eden Project

This richly illustrated concertina book takes the reader from the top of a mountain spring, through varying landscapes, and follows a river's journey from its source to the sea
With a focus on the important role waterways play in human and environmental survival, The River That Flows Beside Me explores the changing landscapes along a river's journey and the habits and ecosystems that call the river their home.

A follow-up to The Street Beneath My FeetThe Skies Above My Eyes and The Sea Below My Toes, this visually stunning book finds the river in the rocky peaks, and tracks it as it winds its way through coniferous forest, gushes through v-shaped valleys, and roars down magnificent waterfalls. Further downstream, readers will journey with the river past beaver dams, floodplains, oxbow lakes, paddle-boarders, bridges and more.

On your journey, meet the animals that call the river home, including:

  • White-tailed deer
  • Grizzly bears
  • Otter
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Dragonflies 

With a primary focus on the river's ecosystems, wildlife and geological processesThe River That Flows Beside Me also explores the way that humans interact with the river landscape, using it both to survive and also to enjoy. The beauty and variety of river landscapes are bought to life by Jo Empson's rich illustrations. 

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