Our Story.

Our Story.

Hello my name is Gul Awan, I am the voice and face behind Book Bag Doha. 
I am an expat, stay at home mother to two sassy, energetic beautiful girls, and a small business owner. 
The idea of creating Book Bag Doha came from loving children's books but not being able to find affordable books that were diverse, and often hard to source. And paying for extra baggage every time we travelled back to Doha was expensive.
My main aim has always been to have books both fiction and non-fiction that are affordable, of high quality, diverse and enjoyable.
Books that will find a forever space on your bookshelves to be enjoyed for the years to come. 
I love having a chat about all things books and sharing my recommendations. 
I look forward to making new connections and friendships while raising  the next generation of readers. 
Load of Love 
Gul xx
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hi i am like really good friends with ur daughter zoha she is so nice the best person I have ever met totally worth my time. i loveeeee ur website amazing!! will consider buying from you!

Yasmeen Bashir

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