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Map of You by Sophie Williams (Author)

Map of You by Sophie Williams (Author)

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A thoughtfully designed and timely activity book in which to explore ideas of mindfulness and self-acceptance by emerging author-illustrator, Sophie Williams.

"This brilliantly creative activity book inspires self-awareness, helps to navigate complex feelings and promotes positive mental wellbeing". -- 
Paper Ren

The journey of self-discovery starts right here!

Aimed at a middle-grade audience, this delightful activity book asks young readers to explore the landscape of their own psyche. They are invited to visit their mountains of strength and wetlands of weaknesses. to confront their ‘forests of fears’, and to take comfort in their ‘islands of interests’. Personality quizzes, coloring in, drawing and designing all feature. Self-examination has never been more enjoyable!

At a time when the mental health of young people is a point of concern, this activity book offers a much-needed opening to ideas of self-awareness, empathy, well-being and mindfulness, with a refreshing optimism and lightness of touch.

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