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Bang The Wild Wonders of Earth's Phenomena By Jennifer N. R. Smith (Hardcover)

Bang The Wild Wonders of Earth's Phenomena By Jennifer N. R. Smith (Hardcover)

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Using luminous HUV printing, Bang immerses readers in the awe-inspiring phenomena of the natural world.


In this follow-up to the highly acclaimed Glow, award-winning illustrator Jennifer N. R. Smith takes us on a breathtaking tour of the planet’s most astonishing natural phenomena—from explosive volcanoes and geysers to dancing lights in the night sky.

The Earth may seem solid and stationary but deep beneath its surface it is constantly changing, twisting, and transforming. Its unbridled power is what generates surreal natural phenomena and dramatic landscapes, as well as devastating natural disasters.

In this lavishly illustrated book, young readers will discover the explosive power of volcanoes, a cave filled with giant crystals, a hot spring pool filled with bathing snow monkeys, dinosaurs hidden between layers of rock, and an incredible ecosystem that can survive the boiling hot waters around hydrothermal vents. There is also extreme weather and incredible optical phenomena, including auroras, light pillars, and sun dogs.

Hyperdetailed, glorious, and awe-inspiring, Bang will inspire young earth scientists to see the wonder in the world around them.

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