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All About Flags! by Robin Jacobs (Hardcover)

All About Flags! by Robin Jacobs (Hardcover)

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A refreshingly engaging introduction to flags of the world and the stories they tell. 


Did you know that the flag of the USA was inspired by that of the East India Company – a private shipping company that traded in the spoils of the British Empire? Do you know what the black star on the flag of Ghana means?

Or why the Russian flag looks similar to that of the Netherlands? Find the answers to these questions and more in this gorgeously presented, accessible atlas of flags. 

Through simple designs and colours, national flags can tell us a lot about the histories, identities and interrelationships of the countries they represent.

Grouping flags together first by continent and then by theme, this illuminating book explains how countries relate to one another, and how their politics and histories are interconnected.

It provides a great launch point for discussions around identity, geography and nation building, and is a timely addition to the reference shelf of any politically curious 6 to 11-year old. 

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