Love Your Body By Jessica Sanders,  a Book review

Love Your Body By Jessica Sanders, a Book review

Body Image is something that I have struggled with for most of my life, the media and certain people around me  did not help the situation. 

Everywhere I looked in magazines, television or the movies i didn't see anyone that had the same colour or body type as me.  I was told if i lost a bit of weight my clothes would look better, if I straighten my curly hair it would look neater. 

Through all the noise there was always the voice of reason, my late mother. Who was of the option that I was perfect as I was didn't need to change a thing about my self. 

With age, experience and sheer stubbornness I have managed to over what I perceived as a beauty standard. 

But as a mother and an aunty of girls ranging from 20 years to 4 years of age, I see each one question different features that make them the beautiful, strong, kind and unique human beings. 

Love your Body is a book that covers all of the above and much more. The illustrations are inclusive of body type, race, ability and dress code choices. 

It uses simple engaging text and positive affirmations, that will make this a forever book to have in your book shelve. A book that makes you realise that looking different is good, and its what makes the world an interesting place. 

One that both the adults and children pick  for that extra boost of confidence and as a reminder. 

love Gul x

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