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The Big Book series Box Set

The Big Book series Box Set

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The Big Book of Belonging is a timely celebration of all the ways that humans are connected to life on planet Earth.

With children at the heart of every beautifully illustrated spread, this book draws parallels between the way humans, plants, and animals live and behave.


The Big Book of Bugs ,a beautifully illustrated, informative book for children introducing them to bugs that creep, crawl, bite, fly, and more
From moths and beetles to worms and spiders, the world is crawling with fascinating bugs. The Big Book of Bugs is the first fact-filled book for children to explore the vast array of creepy-crawlies that share our Earth.


The next Big Book of Birds in the series introduces young children to some of the most colourful, magnificent, silly, and surprising feathered creatures from around the world.

The Big Book of Birds is a fact-filled tour of the world’s most wonderful winged creatures. Yuval Zommer’s distinctive illustrations show off some of the most colourful, flamboyant, impressive, and wacky birds of the sky.


Big Book of Blooms  series is a fascinating introduction to some of the most magnificent and surprising flowering plants from around the world.

In The Big Book of Blooms, the next instalment in the wildly successful Big Book series, Yuval Zommer’s charming illustrations bring to life some of the most colourful, flamboyant, and unusual flowers from across the globe.

The Big Book of Bugs and The Big Book of Beasts, The Big Book of the Blue is the third instalment in Yuval Zommer’s beloved series.

Alongside everything the young oceanographer needs to know, Zommer’s charming illustrations bring to life some of the slipperiest, scaliest, strangest, and most monstrous underwater animals.

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