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Love You Always By Frances Stickley & Migy Blanco

Love You Always By Frances Stickley & Migy Blanco

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Heartfelt and touching story about the enduring love between a parent and child.

As little hedgehog Hoglet and his mummy walk home through the autumn leaves, Hoglet is puzzled and full of questions.

Everything is changing around him – would his mummy love him more if HE changed too? Will her love ever change?

But wise Mummy knows just how to reassure her little Hoglet that, whatever changes might come, her love will always stay the same.

Life can feel overwhelming for small children when so much is changing all around them, and the beautiful, autumnal countryside scenes in this picture book convey a sense of transience and impermanence.

This is perfectly balanced by a touching verse dialogue reassuring children that the love between a parent and child is unconditional and everlasting, whilst encouraging them to explore and discover, to change and grow.

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